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Mavrides Law Featured in Boston Magazine

Marcia Mavrides, Owner and Founder of Mavrides Law was featured in Boston Magazine’s "Ask a Wedding Expert: What’s the Secret to a Happy Marriage?" In this article, Marcia provides her key pieces of advice for a happy relationship and marriage, including good communication, the importance of making time for each other, and why considering a…
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8 Reasons A Prenuptial Agreement in Massachusetts May Be Unenforceable

You may think your prenuptial agreement is boilerplate and ironclad. You and your spouse discussed the terms, drafted a quick agreement, and signed it. Perhaps you even created your prenuptial agreement to the letter of the law, played by the rules, and checked every box. So, is your prenuptial agreement fool-proof? Rarely. Is it guaranteed?…
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4 Reasons Why Your Prenuptial Agreement May Not Be Enforced in Massachusetts

By: Jennifer Silva, Esq. Usually, people enter into Prenuptial Agreements prior to their marriage with the goal of saving the considerable time and expense that is associated with a fully- litigated divorce by establishing the division of assets and alimony obligations that will be put in place in the event of a divorce.  However, at…
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