Monthly Archives: January 2018

Pets and Divorce in Massachusetts

by: Jennifer Silva In Illinois, the start of the new year brought a change to the way that pets are treated in divorce matters.  Under the new law in Illinois, in a divorce case “companion” pets (not service animals) will be treated more similarly to children than to property and could be subject to partial…
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Measuring the Length of Same Sex Marriage

Formally, under Massachusetts law, the same rules and procedures that govern traditional marriage also apply to same-sex marriage. There are no special procedures that govern gay and lesbian marriages. Same-sex divorce in Massachusetts presents many of the same issues as divorce involving heterosexual partners, including the division of assets, spousal support, and child custody. Still,…
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Shift your Perspective in 2019: Co-Parenting

We all know how New Year’s resolutions go: we hype them up, brag about them for the first few months of the new year, and then by March, wonder what happened. This year can be different because we have a new type of resolution for you to consider: Pressing ‘reset’ on your perspective. The new…
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