Second Opinions

Second Opinions & Divorce Advising

Family law is much more complex than it may appear at first sight.  “Simple” fact patterns often have hidden complexities that can cause anxiety of the unknown or misunderstood.  Sometimes, reviewing a situation from a different perspective can provide different alternatives and fresh ideas for creative solutions. If you are feeling as though you don’t understand your options or simply do not understand the rationale of a certain action that was taken or what the court ordered, it is time to take a fresh look at your situation, and to verify whether or not you are heading in the right direction.  Just as one may seek a second medical opinion before having surgery, it may be time to have your family law matter reviewed by an independent experienced family law attorney to make sure your case is on the right track.

Second Opinions:

Mavrides Law offers second opinions on matters at all stages, including before a case is filed and after a case has been filed with the court.  Our experienced family law attorneys are available to review your case, including relevant documents, to provide a fresh perspective on how your case is proceeding, and to help provide creative solutions, as well as consider the resolution in the event the matter proceeds to trial. Depending on the complexities of your case, Mavrides Law offers a flat fee Second Opinion session.

Attorney Mavrides, the lead trial attorney and founder of Mavrides Law, has significant qualifications and over 30 years of experience in the field of divorce litigation, mediation, collaborative law and parenting coordination.  This experience, combined with her knowledge of the law and court system provides her and her trained legal team with the ability to analyze a case, whether a complex asset division matter, or highly contested child custody case and provide creative direction and solutions to obtain the best possible result for each client.  All attorneys at Mavrides Law are highly trained and available to assist individuals who want to make sure their cases are on track for the realistic resolution they are seeking.

Divorce Advising as part of Mediation:

Mavrides Law offers divorce advising to individuals who are engaged in the divorce mediation process.  This is sometimes referred to as “side counsel.”  In Divorce mediation, both parties and the mediators meet in sessions without their attorneys.  The parties may consult with their attorneys outside of the mediation sessions and return to the mediation process with the information and understanding obtained from their attorneys. This process can help divorcing spouses keep their costs down by utilizing their attorneys on an as-needed basis, while still having the option of obtaining valuable legal advice, so that they can decide how best to proceed.

Attorney Mavrides’ extensive knowledge of family law and over 30 years of experience in litigation and mediation provide the perfect combination for creative, thoroughly vetted solutions.  The experienced team of attorneys at Mavrides Law are available to assist individuals who would like to find a more efficient and less costly way to resolve their case, and who would like to explore some creative, realistic solutions to their particular situation.

If you would like to speak with one of our experienced family law attorneys about divorce advising or second opinions, please email us at, or call us at 617-723-9900.


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