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Part II Divorce Basics: Marital Property

Marital property has a different definition, depending on which state you reside in. Where you live impacts how assets and debts will be divided in your divorce. How does the Court divide marital property? There are two types of property division: Community Property and Equitable Division. . Some states are considered “Community Property” states, and…
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Part I Divorce Basics: Contested Divorce v. Uncontested Divorce

In this series, “Divorce Basics,” we will cover a different area of divorce. Each series will answer various questions that you may have before getting a divorce. What is a contested divorce? A contested divorce is when you and your spouse do not agree upon the terms of divorce, such as the division of property, debt, custody,…
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Who Will Get Custody of Our Child(ren)?

By: Christina Pashou, Esq. Massachusetts recognizes both legal and physical custody, and these are granted on a sole or joint basis. “Legal custody” refers to major decision making for the child(ren). Sole legal custody refers to one parent having the right to make important decisions regarding the child(ren)'s wellbeing, which include education, medical care and…
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