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Does an Uncontested Divorce Require a Court Hearing?

By: Christina Pashou, Esq. By law, there are two types of divorce in Massachusetts: contested and uncontested. These two types of divorce are handled very differently. You do not need to litigate an uncontested divorce in court, but you will still need to attend an uncontested divorce hearing. This is your final divorce hearing wherein a…
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Marcia Mavrides’ Advice in the Huffington Post!

[caption id="attachment_5062" align="alignleft" width="604"] Communication is very important in a divorce.[/caption]                         Marcia Mavrides, Owner and Founder of Mavrides Law and top Boston divorce attorney, was recently quoted in the Huffington Post on how important communication is during a divorce. Read her advice here,…
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Therapeutic Interventions for Children of Divorce

By: Julia Rodgers When parents decide to divorce, it can have a great effect on their own individual emotions, as well as those of their children. Often times, a child's feelings are not considered when parents decide to divorce. Even so, the reality of the situation, and the adjustment of all it entails often creates…
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