Monthly Archives: October 2015

Court Orders

From the moment your divorce is filed, there is an automatic restraining order on all assets, and the issuance of additional temporary orders is likely given the unique circumstances surrounding your divorce. At the time the Plaintiff files a Complaint for Divorce the Plaintiff is subject to the automatic financial restraining order.  The Defendant is…
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Saving Marital Assets During Discovery

Is my jewelry marital property? Should I appraise my car? While the discovery process is a drawn-out and stressful period of the divorce process, it is also crucial to obtaining a fair and equitably division of assets. Thus, strategically planning what to appraise and what should be fought for is important so that liquid assets…
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How to Conquer the School Year after Divorce

With the school year in full motion, the fall season welcomes afterschool practices, games and activities and often the craze of extracurricular activities adds stress to most co-parenting relationships, including divorced spouses. Now that the school year has begun, many non-custodial parents are struggling with balancing quality time with their children against the benefits of…
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