Ways to Co-Parent after a High-Conflict Divorce

After a high-conflict divorce, some couples can just walk away from their marriages and never see each other again unless they choose to; knowing that there's nothing left tying them together. But that's not the case when children are involved, especially when there are court appointed (or other co-parenting) arrangements that must take place. Statistics…
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Therapeutic Interventions for Children of Divorce

By: Julia Rodgers When parents decide to divorce, it can have a great effect on their own individual emotions, as well as those of their children. Often times, a child's feelings are not considered when parents decide to divorce. Even so, the reality of the situation, and the adjustment of all it entails often creates…
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How Should I Feel After a Divorce

Like any other traumatic experience, divorce can have an emotional impact on everyone involved. It can cause people to feel confused, betrayed, guilty, rejected, overwhelmed, angry, sad, or any number of mixed emotions. With divorce rates being so high in America, roughly 40 to 50 percent and higher for subsequent marriages, many divorced Americans surprisingly…
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