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Kelly Rutherford’s Custody Battle

  Gossip Girl actress Kelly Rutherford’s custody battle has recently been taken to a whole new level. Rutherford recently appeared in front of a Federal Judge in Manhattan this past week, alleging that her children were illegally deported from the U.S. to live with her ex-husband in Europe. Kelly Rutherford has sued the U.S. Government,…
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Mother’s Move to CA: Approved best interest for the children

Under Massachusetts law, when a parent with sole physical custody of a child seeks to move to another state, the courts will make the determination of whether or not to approve the move based on a two-pronged test. First, does the move provide a "real advantage"-that is, is there a good reason for the move.…
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When A Custodial Parent Removes A Child From Massachusetts

In our mobile society where people frequently move significant distances, courts have to regularly decide a difficult issue: When will a divorced parent with custody of the children be allowed to move out of state with the kids — away from the other parent? Such a move will inevitably lessen the children’s contact with the…
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