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7 Tips for Talking to Kids About Divorce

by: Julia Rodgers Divorce impacts everyone differently, and children are no exception. Oftentimes, the way in which a divorce plays out can affect the magnitude of such an impact. During times of transition, such as divorce, one of the best ways to help children adjust in a healthy way is to talk about it. Opening…
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Allocation of Children’s Extracurricular Activity Costs

By: Jennifer R. Silva, Esq. With children returning to school for a new school year, they will be returning to their many extra-curricular activities, as well.   While negotiating a divorce agreement, it is important to address the allocation of these child-related expenses.  The financial ability of each parent should be examined in order to determine…
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What is a Parenting Coordinator and do I need one?

By: Christina Pashou As a parent, you have the right to parent your child(ren) as you see fit. However, this often results in conflict, if you and your child’s other parent do not agree on certain child related matters. In high-conflict separations or divorces, parenting issues may arise with greater frequencies that continue to bring…
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