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The Power of a Trust in Divorce

by: Christina Pashou, Esq. The Massachusetts case of Pfannenstiehl v. Pfannenstiehl could have lead to a court decision that would have negatively impacted the estate planning goals of families who wish to protect trust assets in divorce cases. In 2015, the Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled that a portion of a trust created by the parents…
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High Net Worth Divorce Mistakes

It is imperative that spouses are truthful and fully disclose any and all income and assets standing in his/her name, whether individually or jointly with another person, during the divorce.,. Dishonesty and misrepresentations of one’s income and/or assets may lead to the divorce to be “reopened” on the basis of fraud and the fraudulent party…
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Who Keeps the Golf Club Membership in a Massachusetts Divorce?

by: Julia Rodgers A private country club membership allows you and your family access to the club facilities, fun camps for your kids, and of course, golf. So, what happens to your family membership in a Massachusetts divorce? In a Massachusetts divorce, it is crucial to value property for what it is worth at the time…
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