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Divorce & The New School Year: 3 Helpful Tips

By: Julia Rodgers It’s time for back to school! Kids are often excited for a new school year to begin, with a new class, new friends, and new teachers. For recently divorced parents in Massachusetts, the start of a new school year can also be a new beginning- and sometimes an especially difficult one. As…
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3 Ways to Ease the Difficult Process of Divorce for Your Children

by: Julia Rodgers While divorce is difficult for everyone, it often hits children particularly hard. Children have a unique ability to internalize things and may often feel like they are somehow to blame for the divorce. Parents may spur these thoughts when they argue about things related to the children, such as parenting time, support…
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Should I Tell My Divorce Lawyer Everything?

Failure to disclose important information to your attorney can damage your case. Every Massachusetts divorce case is different, with many moving parts. So, when you contemplate whether you should tell your divorce lawyer everything, the answer is yes. What is considered important in a MA divorce case? If you are unsure about whether something is…
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