Should I Tell My Divorce Lawyer Everything?

Failure to disclose important information to your attorney can damage your case. Every Massachusetts divorce case is different, with many moving parts. So, when you contemplate whether you should tell your divorce lawyer everything, the answer is yes.

What is considered important in a MA divorce case?

If you are unsure about whether something is important or not, tell your Massachusetts divorce attorney. Each case is different, and it is very important you allow your attorney to decide what information is important, and what is not. Let her guide you. You and she can discuss whether the information should be shared and how it can be presented. You might think you are truthfully discussing all relevant facts, but recall that you are immersed in a life-changing event that consumes you with raw emotions, custody and property wars, and financial strain. You may not be equipped to determine what is and is not relevant to your case. Further, you are probably not an experienced MA divorce attorney! You employed someone else to fill that role. Let her play the part and decide what is important.

Can I tell my divorce lawyer details at a later date?

Don’t blindside your attorney because that will deprive them from having been able to take a different strategic approach in the case and ultimately hurt your chances. Your attorney needs to know all the facts upfront to best prepare your case or a response to your spouse’s. You need to work with your divorce attorney in developing the best approach for dealing with whichever issue might arise at any phase of the case.

Is my divorce lawyer going to judge me?

Your attorney is not going to judge you. It is likely that she has heard it all, and she is not here to judge your personal life decisions. You may not want to tell your attorney about an embarrassing financial situation, less-than-flattering parenting methods, or an adulterous affair, but if your lawyer is in the dark, it can be devastating to your relationship and to your case. Divorce is a complicated, raw matter and the last thing you need to be worrying about it your attorney thinking poorly of you.

It’s only natural to be reluctant to disclose certain facts about your life. The issues that arise in a typical divorce case are personal and may be uncomfortable to talk about. Just remember that you have come to your lawyer for help, so help her help you get through this process.

Will my divorce lawyer share my secrets with others?

Due to attorney-client privilege, you and your lawyer have a confidential relationship. So if you fear your attorney will share your secrets, don’t. Your attorney cannot ethically reveal any information you disclose in confidence (unless you are trying to use his/her services to cover up a crime). Your secrets are safe between you and your divorce lawyer. Go ahead and tell your story.

Ask your attorney what he/she needs to know, but chances are that it’s everything, and ASAP! Full and prompt disclosure will help maximize the effectiveness of your attorney’s representation and enhance your chances of success.

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