How to Cope with an Unwanted Divorce

Let’s face it: many of the millions of divorces that take place in the United States are unwanted by one spouse in the relationship. Some can see the divorce coming, whereas others are completely blindsided. In one study, a total of 62% of people surveyed (42% men and 20% women) wanted their marriage to work…
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A Case You Should Know: Dematteo v. Dematteo

The Supreme Judicial Court Ruling In the case of Joseph Dematteo vs. Susan J. Dematteo, the Supreme Judicial Court ruled that the Probate and Family Court judge came to an incorrect conclusion in finding that the prenuptial agreement between spouses of about 8 years, Joseph and Susan was unenforceable. The probate and family court’s judgment…
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Clauses and Your Prenup in Massachusetts

If you are considering a prenuptial agreement in Massachusetts for you and your fiancé, it is important that you understand the relevant rules around these agreements. With so many couples divorcing over issues related to money, a prenuptial agreement can be a great way to establish clear expectations for your marriage. You may even be…
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