What Co-Parenting Really Means

What Co-Parenting Really Means =Best Boston Divorce Lawyer

By: Christina Pashou, Esq.

While divorce results in the division of assets, it also results in the division of your time with your children. Yet, just because your time with your children is separate from your ex-spouse, this does not mean that communication about your children disappears. Although divorce does not leave former spouses on an even keel, when it comes to your children, all differences should be set aside, and the focus should be on the best interest of your children. The reality of co-parenting is that it will not end until your children are adults. However, even after your children reach the age of majority, education costs may be something that you will have to consider with your ex-spouse. Therefore, it is in everyone’s best interest if you work with your spouse, not against your spouse as it relates to your children. Of course, there may be instances where your ex-spouse is disobeying a court order, at which point you may need to take court action, however, when issues arise that are not legal, communication is key.

There will be disagreements and their will be tension, however co-parenting is not about the divorce, it is about your children. You must learn to support your ex-spouse as a parent by keeping to the co-parenting schedule, remaining flexible in accommodating each other wherever possible, and moving from a place of conflict and resentment toward that of support as parents. The idea is to maximize and optimize the time that your children can spend with each of their parents. It is important to always support the other parent’s role and relationship with your children. As such, each parent must make sure the child is readily available to during the other parent’s parenting time. Co-parenting can be a viable possibility when parents want it to work because they understand that the child’s needs supersede their own self-interests. Co-parenting will not only be successful and rewarding for you, but for your children.


Christina Pashou, Esq. -Best Boston Divorce Lawyer

Christina Pashou, Esq. -Best Boston Divorce Lawyer

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