Top 3 Signs Your Marriage is Over.

Broken Heart


It is hard to pinpoint the exact moment when you realize your marriage is past the point of repair. For many couples considering divorce, the reality of “till death do us part” has become an improbable ideal. When communication in the relationship has broken down, it may be time to re-evaluate the route that is best for you and your family. Each marriage and each situation is different; however, if you and your spouse have tried counseling, yet the following signs persist, it may be time to consider a divorce:


1. Negativity Engulfs your Marriage.

If there are problems in your marriage, it is important that you and your spouse seek professional marriage counseling, in an effort to resolve outstanding issues. Doing so,  can help you and your spouse solve problems before they become unmanageable. If you have both given marriage counseling an honest attempt, yet you or your partner are unable to resolve your issues, the negativity in your marriage will soon outweigh the good. Are there more negative interactions with your spouse than positive? Every marriage experiences the ups and downs that are associated with being a couple; but when the negativity far outweighs the positive aspects of your union, it may be time to split.


2. You Fundamentally Disagree on Key Issues.

One component of a successful marriage is good communication. Good communication and compromise can solve many disagreements, such as which spouse handles the finances, whether or not you will have children, and where you and your spouse will spend the holidays. However, if one of you want children, and your spouse downright refuses, your relationship is in trouble. Both you and your spouse need to be on the same page with regard to fundamental life choices. If you are not, and if you or your spouse cannot communicate those needs effectively, it may mean the end of your marriage.


3. There is Addiction.

A marriage with a spouse who is an alcoholic or drug abuser is both a miserable and heart wrenching experience. Anyone who has experienced addiction in a relationship can vouch for how difficult it is to watch your spouse slowly slip further from the person you once knew, and married. When addiction to alcohol or drugs overwhelm your spouse and relationship, and when helping your spouse is endangering your well being, it may be time to reconsider whether or not you want your spouse’s addictions in your life. Destructive behavior is a major sign that your spouse needs professional help, and that your relationship is nearing its breaking point.


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