Collaborative Law Offers More Peaceful Divorce Option

Divorce is often viewed as a devastating experience, where two people bitterly quarrel about how their shared possessions will be split up. However, divorce actually can be amicable rather than traumatizing. This is possible thanks to options like collaborative law in Massachusetts.

Collaborative law is a new approach to divorce that helps a couple to avoid going to court. The pair instead negotiate on matters that impact them, such as asset distribution and property division. The resolution thus ends up being more peaceful, so both individuals are able to bounce back from the marital split-up more rapidly.
Collaborative divorce is different from mediation. Mediation involves using a mediator to reach an agreement with the other party, while in collaboration, both spouses are more focused on pursuing their own interests. They have meetings to pinpoint problems and come up with solutions. The level of complexity of a divorce determines how long the collaborative law process will last. In 2010, nearly 60 percent of situations were resolved in under nine months.

Collaborative divorces reduce the back-and-forth often associated with divorces, thus allowing the couple to more effectively negotiate. As a result, both parties have a better chance of emerging from the divorce with an outcome they find favorable since they don't have to rely on a judge to make significant decisions for them regarding their finances and property. A collaborative law option might be an ideal choice for couples in Massachusetts who prefer not to participate in litigation when choosing to dissolve their marriages.
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