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by: Alana Megna

The holiday season is upon us, and many families are looking forward to celebrating holiday traditions.  Although the holidays are filled with cheer and excitement, it can be hard to focus on the positive while going through a divorce. It is important to maintain focus on the cheerful aspects of the holiday season while keeping stress levels at minimum. There has to be a Co-Parenting Etiquette.

Divorced parents may find it especially challenging to avoid stress during the holiday season.  Most divorced families follow a parenting schedule, that divides holiday time between households in some pre-determined manner. This may mean alternating holidays between parents in odd/even years, or having the parents decide the holiday schedule based on their preferences.  Holiday parenting schedules are intended to allow both parents to share quality parenting time with their children. Unfortunately, this also means that children spend most of the holiday missing at least one of their parents. This can lead children to feeling divided between their parents, causing stress and anxiety.  When families are entrenched in conflict, it is common that children begin to feel involved and even responsible for parental conflict, making it impossible for them to enjoy holiday celebrations with either parent.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Cordial, respectful relations between co-parents can mean the difference between holiday stress and holiday bliss.  Is it often extremely difficult to move past issues with a former spouse, but also necessary to ensure the happiness of your children during this time of year. Remember, your children must come first. Both parents’ focus should be on creating the best holiday experience for their children, and they must accept that the best holiday memories are those involving both parents.  You and your co-parent may not be capable of sharing a holiday together with your children yet, but a commitment to be more polite, flexible, understanding and communicative with your co-parent can go a long way for the happiness of your children.

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