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When Can I Modify Custody?

  By: Christina Pashou, Esq. A custody or parenting plan can be changed/modified by the court if the parent seeking the change can prove two elements: (1) a significant change in circumstances has occurred since the judgment or temporary order was made and (2) that the best interests of the child(ren) are not being met by the…
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Alimony Modification: Second Job Excluded from Calculation

A new Massachusetts alimony case was released by the Appeals Court on December 30, 2014 and shed some light on the modification of alimony.  The Vedensky case involved a highly educated couple with significant earning capacity who divorced by agreement in 2006.   The parties’ divorce agreement had terms that included both parties waiving any right…
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Modifications of Child-Related Issues

It is important to remember that while the division of assets and debt are final upon divorce, this is not the case for issues relating to the children. In Massachusetts, child-related issues such as custody, parenting time and child support remain open to modification by the Court upon a material and substantial change in circumstance.…
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