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Ways to Remain Civil with Your Ex During and After a Divorce

The reasons for couples getting married and divorced in Massachusetts can vary greatly due unique and different circumstances.  Oftentimes the impact of a divorce can leave irreparable scars and emotional wounds that require time to heal, for both parties. During this process, there are several reasons why you may want (or have) to continue to…
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A Few Tips: Telling Your Kids About the Divorce

by: Julia Rodgers How do you break the news to your children after deciding to divorce? And when? Despite how difficult this conversation will be, talking to your children may be one of the most healing parts of the adjustment period. Divorce is uncharted territory for most of us, so naturally, parents are often unsure…
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Ask a Divorce Lawyer Series: Infidelity

Question: "What percentage of MA divorce settlements are altered due to infidelity, and can one party's infidelity affect alimony in a long term marriage?" Answer: Massachusetts is primarily a no-fault state. In other words, in general, the courts do not award punitive damages for adulterous behavior. If one party's conduct resulted in dissipation of assets…
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