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The 2021 Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines

The new 2021 Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines go into effect on October 4, 2021. Mass child support guidelines are revised every three years, and are the result of work by the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines Task Force, which is comprised of Massachusetts divorce attorneys and judges, and is tasked with undertaking the review of the…
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What on Earth Is the Rule 411 Automatic Restraining Order?!

          I am often asked about what the Rule 411 Automatic Restraining Order means, and how it will affect a client's divorce. The most common concerns relating to this subject go something like this... "...but how will I pay my bills?" "How will I be able to pay my attorney if…
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How to Cope with an Unwanted Divorce

Let’s face it: many of the millions of divorces that take place in the United States are unwanted by one spouse in the relationship. Some can see the divorce coming, whereas others are completely blindsided. In one study, a total of 62% of people surveyed (42% men and 20% women) wanted their marriage to work…
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