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To Divorce or Not to Divorce: Is It Time to Move On?

It’s no secret that approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce, but how can you tell on which half of the statistic your marriage will fall? Are there ways to predict a doomed marriage? What are the signs that a marriage has gone past the point of no return and cannot be saved? How do…
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A Brief History of Alimony

When it comes to divorce proceedings, alimony is rather high on the list of polarizing topics. Some people see the value of alimony, others think it’s unnecessary and outdated, and still others are indifferent. Nevertheless, alimony is grounded in historical necessity that makes its origin rather interesting. The etymology of the word ‘alimony’ comes from…
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Tips For Facing The Holiday Season Post-Divorce

Handling the holidays during or after a Massachusetts divorce can seem extremely difficult. Separate celebrations, reminiscing on old traditions, missing out on in-laws (if you had a good relationship with them), and so many more aspects of the holidays that you formerly loved — but now mourn. Nevertheless, it's critical to keep calm and carry…
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