What We Can Learn From Ray Rice’s Relationship

NFL player Ray Rice and his now wife Janay, have been thrust into the spotlight after millions have viewed the horrific, heartbreaking leaked video of Ray physically abusing his then fiancé  and subsequently dragging her out of a hotel elevator in Atlantic City. A few months after the physical violence occurred, the couple exchanged wedding vows.

If any good can come out of Ray Rice's relationship, it is that the public learns and understands the severity of domestic violence and abuse, and how much of it goes unreported. Our attention should not be focused on Ray Rice and his football career, what the NFL has to say, or why Janay Rice is defending her husband. The issue that we should focus on is how we can educate and help the millions of other victims of domestic violence.

An abusive relationship is never without complications. The most important choices that we make in life are often the most difficult to decide, but such brave decisions will pay off in the long run. If you experience an abusive relationship, you know just how complex the emotions involved can be. Whether you’re married, engaged, or dating your abuser, it is important you remember the importance of addressing your emotions, the situation, and seeking help immediately. Abuse always begins with that one time, that will “never happen again.” Now is the time to seek help. Seeking a therapist to help you work through your emotions, as well as removing yourself from the situation must be first and foremost.

To learn more about what the law of abuse is, what you can request from the court, and instructions on whereabouts to file for a prevention order, please visit our page on MA Restraining Order, Procedures, and Ramifications. If you have any questions or need urgent legal guidance in your unique situation, we advise that you contact an attorney or police authorities immediately.

-Libby Mouradjian

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