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Valentine’s Day Should Be About the Candy, Anyway.

by: Julia Rodgers It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day has morphed into somewhat of an over-the-top, consumerist-focused holiday. While it’s becoming the norm to roll one’s eyes at the chocolates, roses, and stuffed animals that fill up the store aisles, this time of year can be especially tough on some. Much like the late December…
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Welcome to a New Decade! Shift Your Perspective in 2020

by: Julia Rodgers 2020 - it’s officially a new decade! With all of the excitement that a fresh year ushers in, everyone seems to have their own resolutions - whether those involve hitting the gym more often, meditating daily, or budgeting better, it can be easy to get lost in the sea of everyone else’s…
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A Little Background: The Most Common Reasons for Divorce

What is the foundation of marriage? Society has been contemplating and debating this question for generations. Despite this age-old question, divorce rates are higher than ever both in the United States and globally. Current divorce rates hover around 40-50% for first marriages, 67% for second marriages, and an astounding 73% for third unions.[1] [2] Researchers…
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Ways to Remain Civil with Your Ex During and After a Divorce

The reasons for couples getting married and divorced in Massachusetts can vary greatly due unique and different circumstances.  Oftentimes the impact of a divorce can leave irreparable scars and emotional wounds that require time to heal, for both parties. During this process, there are several reasons why you may want (or have) to continue to…
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