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Ask a Divorce Lawyer Series: Infidelity

Question: "What percentage of MA divorce settlements are altered due to infidelity, and can one party's infidelity affect alimony in a long term marriage?" Answer: Massachusetts is primarily a no-fault state. In other words, in general, the courts do not award punitive damages for adulterous behavior. If one party's conduct resulted in dissipation of assets…
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Is Staying Together Best for the Kids?

by: Julia Rodgers Many divorcing parents in Massachusetts believe that an intact two-parent household is almost always better than having a “broken” home. However, if you are contemplating a divorce and you have children, you must consider the lasting effect that your marital problems will have on how your children view relationships.[1] Sometimes the pain and…
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A Brief History of Alimony

When it comes to divorce proceedings, alimony is rather high on the list of polarizing topics. Some people see the value of alimony, others think it’s unnecessary and outdated, and still others are indifferent. Nevertheless, alimony is grounded in historical necessity that makes its origin rather interesting. The etymology of the word ‘alimony’ comes from…
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How to Ease the Divorce Process for Your Children

While a divorce is difficult for everyone in the family, it often hits children particularly hard. Children have a unique ability to internalize experiences and in a divorce often feel like they are somehow to blame. While divorce is never going to be easy on children, there are ways that parents can make the process…
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