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What is a Parenting Coordinator and do I need one?

By: Christina Pashou As a parent, you have the right to parent your child(ren) as you see fit. However, this often results in conflict, if you and your child’s other parent do not agree on certain child related matters. In high-conflict separations or divorces, parenting issues may arise with greater frequencies that continue to bring…
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Understanding Terms the Merge v. Survive in Your Separation Agreement

By: Christina Pashou, Esq. In Massachusetts there is a waiting period after a Judgment of Divorce Nisi is issued and before the divorce becomes final. This is called the Nisi period. If you file a completely uncontested divorce with no litigation, your divorce will be final 120 days after the Judgement of Divorce Nisi is…
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How to Help Your Children Adjust During a Divorce

By: Julia Rodgers Children who were born in a two-parent household, where both of their biological (or adoptive) parents were physically present, have formed an opinion about what they believe to be a solid family structure. This family model (that is now lodged in the mind of the child) is what they consider their support…
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