Monthly Archives: January 2015

Tax Consequences in Divorce: Child Support v. Alimony

Now that the holidays are over, we are all starting to think about filing our 2014 income tax returns.  Before filing your returns, it is important to communicate with your accountant regarding certain Probate and Family Court orders that may impact your filing.  There are Tax Consequences in Divorce. For instance, you should be sure…
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New Years Resolution: Get Involved in Your Finances

It is never too late or too early to become more educated  about your finances.  If you are or may become involved in a divorce, you will be required to fill out a financial statement.  The financial statement is the most important document filed in any divorce matter for a number of reasons: it reflects…
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Considering Divorce in Massachusetts? Plan Ahead in the New Year

If you are considering divorce in Massachusetts, or you believe your spouse will want to divorce in the future, planning ahead of time can have a significant influence on several aspects of your divorce. In particular, the financial outcome of your divorce is something that you should think about in advance.  Going through a divorce…
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