Property Division for Non-Married Parties

Protecting the Rights of Unmarried People

An unmarried person who has lived in a long-term relationship may have certain rights regarding property, child custody, child support and other matters when that relationship ends. At this point in time, the law is not well-defined however. To assert those rights, representation by a skilled and experienced attorney is essential.

Attorney Marcia Mavrides has successfully represented a number of clients in this area of law, known as equity actions. She is a strong advocate who will work to protect your rights and assets at every stage of the legal process.

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What Issues Can an Equity Action Resolve In Family Law?

An equity action typically concerns issues regarding property division, assets and debt. If you own a house or other property with your partner and court action is needed to divide that property, an equity action is the legal process often utilized to solve this issue.

Other matters that can arise from the breakup of an unmarried person include child custody, visitation child support. These issues become more complex and often heartbreaking when one of the partners is a biological parent and the other parent has not legally adopted the child, although may have been a "parent" to a child for years. Mavrides Law can review your case, discuss your legal options and then work to resolve all outstanding property and child related issues.

Careful Case Preparation and Persuasive Argumentation

For more than 30 years, Marcia Mavrides has represented people in family law litigation. This has included people in marriages, unmarried people in relationships and same sex couples. Ms. Mavrides has found that the keys to success in these cases are thorough research, careful case preparation and persuasive argumentation before the court. Mavrides Law will work to build a strong case for you.

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