Visitation Modification

Massachusetts Child Custody and Visitation Modifications

Mavrides Law has successfully represented many clients throughout the greater Boston area who are seeking a modification of an existing visitation order. Whether you are unhappy with the terms of a divorce decree, paternity decree or other child-related order, we can help.

Often, the firm can negotiate with the other party to reach a workable and acceptable solution. However, a proposed parental relocation with intention to take the child out of state usually results in litigation. Mavrides Law will assertively defend your rights at all stages of the legal process.

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We Handle All Child Visitation Disputes

Mavrides Law has been helping clients in family law matters for more than 30 years. As a result, we have handled visitation disputes involving just about any type of issue you can imagine.

Common causes of visitation disputes include:

  • Parental alienation: When a parent attempts to interfere with a parent-child relationship, oftentimes in contravention of an existing court order. Examples may include frequent denial or limitation of visitation time or attempting to influence a child with negative statements or actions.
  • Home relocation: When one parent wishes to move out of state or to a new location with minor children. Even a move to a nearby town could be an issue if it affects a child's school district or access to the other parent.
  • Scheduling conflicts: Sometimes parents have a night class, change of work schedule or other issue that requires a change of an existing parenting time schedule. When the other parent is unwilling or unable to modify the existing parenting time schedule, a dispute may arise that requires the intervention of an experienced family law attorney or parenting coordinator.

If you are involved in a visitation dispute, contact an experienced family law attorney who can protect your rights.

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