Child Support Modifications

Child Support Modifications

Have your financial circumstances changed since the time of a divorce, paternity proceeding or previous child support order? Let an experienced family law attorney at Mavrides Law perform a child support calculation on your behalf to determine if you have grounds for child support modifications.

For more than 30 years, Mavrides Law has helped clients involved in child support disputes. We can quickly perform a child support calculation and give you a candid assessment of your case. For an initial consultation about a child support matter, contact Mavrides Law. We have offices in Boston and Quincy, Massachusetts.

Grounds for a Child Support Modifications

When the income of a parent changes significantly or the needs of a child change significantly, Mavrides Law can go to court to seek a modification in the child support level. Usually, obtaining these types of modifications is routine, and Mavrides Law can often obtain these quickly and cost-efficiently.

Some cases can be much more complex: for example, when a parent is attempting to hide income or intentionally being underemployed. Attorney Marcia Mavrides has handled a wide range of complex child support modification matters, and will represent you in court to protect your rights and aggressively pursue your goals.

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