Child Custody Modifications

Child Custody Modifications

In some cases, it is necessary for a parent to seek a modification of an existing child custody order. Obtaining a change of physical custody is not easy. However, the following facts may warrant the modification of an existing child custody order:

  • Parental alienation: When one parent consistently attempts to interfere with the right of another parent to have a meaningful relationship with a minor child. These cases are difficult to prove and require the attention of an experienced family law attorney.
  • Abuse: Evidence of physical or sexual abuse may warrant a change of custody. This may include abuse perpetrated by a third party who has gained access to a child as a result of a parent's poor judgment (e.g. a parent has allowed a known child abuser in the home or is in a relationship with an individual who poses a danger to the welfare of a child).
  • Chemical dependency: Alcohol or drug addiction that endangers the welfare of a child. This may include a situation in which a spouse has an alcohol addiction and was recently arrested or convicted of drunk driving.
  • Neglect: If a child appears to be suffering as a result of neglect, a change of custody may be warranted.
  • Mental or physical incapacity: If a parent has a mental or physical incapacity so severe that it impairs his or her ability to meet the needs of a child, a change of child custody may be warranted.

These are many other potential justifications for a change of child custody. The best way to determine if you may have a basis to change child custody is to speak with an experienced family law attorney.

Boston and Quincy Child Custody Modification Lawyers

To speak with a lawyer about a child custody modification, contact Mavrides Law in Quincy or Boston, Massachusetts. To schedule an initial consultation, call 617-723-9900 or contact the firm by e-mail.


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