Expungement of Restraining Orders

In the event a Restraining Order is issued against you for any period of time (initial 10 day or subsequent extension/dismissal), you will be listed in the statewide domestic violence registry system. This could impact your ability to obtain or maintain employment in government, law enforcement or certain medical fields or be able to work with children and in social services. Impoundment of the restraining order does not expunge your listing on the statewide domestic violence registry, as certain government agencies still have access to the registry system.

Until recently, expungement of restraining orders was almost impossible. Once the initial entry of a person's record with the domestic violence registry was made, expungement of restraining orders was extremely difficult. In the 2006 case of Commissioner of Probation v. Adams, it was recognized that a judge has the inherent authority to expunge a record of an abuse violence registry system in the rare and limited circumstance that the judge finds the order was obtained through fraud on the court.

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