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A Case You Should Know: Dematteo v. Dematteo

The Supreme Judicial Court Ruling In the case of Joseph Dematteo vs. Susan J. Dematteo, the Supreme Judicial Court ruled that the Probate and Family Court judge came to an incorrect conclusion in finding that the prenuptial agreement between spouses of about 8 years, Joseph and Susan was unenforceable. The probate and family court’s judgment…
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8 Reasons A Prenuptial Agreement in Massachusetts May Be Unenforceable

You may think your prenuptial agreement is boilerplate and ironclad. You and your spouse discussed the terms, drafted a quick agreement, and signed it. Perhaps you even created your prenuptial agreement to the letter of the law, played by the rules, and checked every box. So, is your prenuptial agreement fool-proof? Rarely. Is it guaranteed?…
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